Wednesday, September 8, 2010


"Meet Harry. Occupation: grave robber. He digs people the most. From the Mexican melodrama

Yep, even this here monsterologist admits there's a couple of things that scared even me. I'm all growed up now and not much spooks me anymore (heh! heh!), but way back when, there were a couple of images from either movies or monster mags that just seemed to work themselves under my skin . . . and began crawling. The pic shown above is one of them. Talk about creepy! You can almost smell him, can't you?

Actually, his name is not Harry. If I've got my Spanish right, it's wrestler-turned-zombie Lobo Negro (played by Guillermo Hernandez) from LADRON DE CADAVERES (1957). Just about a year later, this picture showed up in FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND #1. Even Forry's bad caption couldn't keep me from creepin' out!

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Mike Scott said...

I always thought those Mexican monsters were kind of disturbing.


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