Saturday, September 11, 2010


We're not quite through with the strange saga of the "Glossy Hollywood Werewolf" just yet. Last post we saw that one of the shots used for the cover of FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND #2 was, in all probability, the photo used in the ad for an autographed photo of the "Hollywood Werewolf". To add to the historical diaspora surrounding the topic, I came across this image while trolling the web. As I recall, it was up for bid in an online auction and purported to be a "positive acetate" of the cover of FM #2. I won't tell you how long I spent on PhotoShop tweaking the image to find out exactly what the hastily scribbled note says in the upper left corner, but I think the folks at C.S.I. would be proud. In conclusion, I can say with a large degree of certainty that it reads: "#2 transparency used".

1 comment:

Mike Scott said...

I have those color images, too. Except for "#2", I never could read the rest of that message, so thanks!


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