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Vol. 1, No. 1
August, 1973
Marvel Comics Group/Marvel Monster Group
Editor: Roy Thomas
Cover: Esteban Maroto
Pages: 70
Cover price: 75 cents

During the 1970's Marvel had a hot commodity with their "Marvel Monster Group" series of titles. Most were a combination of text articles and illustrated stories, much like this 1973 entry, VAMPIRE TALES

Chris Claremont offers an analysis in five parts on Montague Summers legendary tome, "The Vampire: His Kith and Kin", and forever fanboy, Mark Evanier shares what he considers to be the worst vampire movies of all time.

For illustrated fare, Morbius the Living Vampire gets a recounting of his origin story, and Ron Goulart adapts Dr. John Polidori's famous tale, "The Vampyre".

Script: Steve Gerber
Pencils: Pablo Marcos
Inks: Pablo Marcos
Letters: Tom Orzechowski

"To Kill A Werewolf!"  [reprinted from Menace #9 (January 1954) as "The Fangs of the Wolf".]
Script: ?
Pencils: Bill Everett
Inks: Bill Everett
Letters: Bill Everett

"The Vampyre!"
Script: Roy Thomas; Ron Goulart (adaptation)
Pencils: Win Mortimer
Inks: Win Mortimer
Letters: Joe Rosen (pages 1-11); Charlotte Jetter ? (pages 12-13)

"Satan Can Wait" [reprinted from Journey into Mystery #15 (April 1954).]
Script: ?
Pencils: Paul Reinman (signed)
Inks: Paul Reinman (signed)
Letters: ?

"Revenge of the Unliving"
Script: Gardner Fox
Pencils: Jordi Bernet
Inks: Jordi Bernet
Letters: Joe Rosen

More Vampire Tales tomorrow!

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