Monday, October 18, 2021


What better way to spend this Halloween season than with a fly-over of the world of vampires? After all, bats and fangs are one of the most popular images during this time. Consequently, WORLD OF MONSTERS will spend this week taking a look at the bloodthirsty legends of the night.

Beginning today is the first part of LIFE magazine's special on vampires. It is very nicely done and contains some great images and info on their evolution from Bram Stoker's novel to their infusion into popular culture. Chapters today are on "Our Long Fascination With Vampires" and "How Vampire Bats Live and Thrive", a factual account of the one-ounce flying mammal that has had people frightened by them for over 100 years. It is interesting to note that the vampire bat is actually a native to Central and South America and not Eastern Europe, the home of Dracula.

Come back tomorrow for more Vampires!

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