Sunday, August 2, 2020


Interest in UFO phenomena has ranged from curiosity to outright mania ever since the claim of sighting of a flying saucer by Kenneth Arnold on June 24, 1947 while flying near Mt. Rainier in Washington State. Just a few weeks later, a news story broke out regarding an incident that occurred on June 14th where presumed flying saucer debris was found by William Brazel, a foreman working at the J.B. Foster ranch about 30 miles north of Roswell, New Mexico. Thus started the cycle of the possible contact with aliens to government cover-ups, as well as other mysterious conspiracies.

This article from the July 14-21, 2020 issue of THE WASHINGTON EXAMINER provides a balanced retrospective of the events that occurred in what became the location now famously known as Area 51. The author weighs the evidence, and while a more prosaic conclusion is indicated, the possibility of a more fantastic explanation is not discounted.

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