Wednesday, May 29, 2019


One of the world's great portrait artists has passed away. Everett Raymond Kinstler began his career drawing countless comics, book covers and magazine covers. For genre fans, he is most noted for his work with Avon Comics during the 1950's. He was one of the lucky few whose work evolved into the mainstream, where he became well known for his portraiture, especially that of famous people. He was commissioned by every U.S. President since Gerald Ford (excepting Obama).

As a tribute, MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD is showing a sample of his artwork. Born August 5, 1926, Mr. Kinstler was 92.

Portrait of President Donald Trump.

Portrait of Dr. Seuss.

Portrait of his friend, Tony Bennett.

From Prison Break #2 (Avon Comics).

From The Savage Raids of Chief Geronimo #4 (Avon Comics).

From U.S. Tank Commandos #3 (Avon Comics).
PHANTOM WITCH DOCTOR #1 (AVON COMICS 1952) Kinstler cover, inside front cover and interior art ("Thing in the Mirror!").

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