Saturday, May 25, 2019


Vol. 2 No. 4 (Whole number 6)
August 1978
Stories Layouts & Press Inc.
Publisher: Myron Fass
Associate publisher: Irving Fass
Editor-in-chief: Jeffrey Goodman
Cover: ?
Pages: 68
Cover price: $1.50

Readers who like both science fiction and monsters -- as well as the combination of both -- will like this, produced by the Myron Fass, Master of the Giant Magazine Machine. This particular issue hits all the sci-fi/monster buttons for me, with coverage of two of my favorite sci-fi films of the 50s, DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS and THEM.

Kicking off the issue is a comic story written and drawn by Gene Day in the style of Jack Kirby, with letters by Dave "Cerberus" Sim. Following is news of the latest sci-fi and monster movies, such as LASERBLAST, KINGDOM OF THE SPIDERS, THE MANITOU and THE INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN. Next is an article on the short-lived sci-fi sitcom, QUARK, about an intergalactic space garbage collector. There is a history of the Capt. Nemo character, a preview of the disaster film, METEOR, the music of Bernard Herrmann, Dr. WHO, serial science fiction films, and more. All this and barely a word about STAR TREK!

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