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Volume 1, Number 12
Whole number 3
October 1966
Eerie Publications
Publisher: Robert W. Farrell
Editor: Carl Burgos
Art Director: Myron Fass
Cover: Bob Powell
Pages: 52
Cover price: 35 cents

Carl Burgos, inside front cover
The Blood Blossom (Iger Shop)
Reprinted from Fantastic Fears #1 (Ajax, May 1953)
Heads of Horror (Iger Shop)
Reprinted from Voodoo #14 (Ajax, Mar-Apr 1954)
Swamp Haunt (Joe Doolin)
Reprinted from Haunted Thrills #5 (Ajax, Jan 1953)
Cry From the Coffin (Iger Shop)
Reprinted from Strange Fantasy #8 (Ajax, Oct 1953)
Fanged Terror (Iger Shop)
Reprinted from Haunted Thrills #18 (Ajax, Nov-Dec 1954)
Black Death (Iger Shop)
Reprinted from Fantastic Fears #4 (Ajax, Nov 1953)
Nightmare (Iger Shop)
Reprint (?) of "Dream of Horror", Strange Fantasy #9 (Ajax, Dec 1953)
Rest in Peril (Iger Shop)
Reprinted from Strange Fantasy #6 (Ajax, June 1953)

For an unknown reason, there was a six-month gap between this and the previous issue of WEIRD.  The titles "Terror ... Shock ... Suspense" are also used at the top of Bob Powell's nicely done cover for the first time. A continuation of reprint stories from the Iger Shop with re-worked panels.

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