Wednesday, May 15, 2019

COVEN 13 NO. 4 (PART 1)

Vol. 1 No. 4
March 1970
Camelot Publishing Company
Editor: Arthur H. Landis
Staff artist: William Stout
Cover: William Stout
Pages: 148
Cover price: 60 cents

Let There Be Magick! (Part 4/Conclusion) - James R. Keaveney
The Bidderfrost Dragon - B. Saunders
I, Vampire! - Pronzini/Wallman
Convert - S.M. Clawson
On the Stairs - E. Chater
Eats! - Sidney Harriet

Editor's Cauldron
Bell, Book and Tarot
Poetry Corner (Robt. E. Howard)
Reader's Eyrie

This is the last issue of COVEN 13 before the title and format change to WITCHCRAFT & SORCERY. The digest-sized issues would also be replaced by a full-size magazine (on cheaper paper).

William Stout's Frazetta-esque cover is brooding and atmospheric. The S&S novel, "Let There Be Magick!", portions that ran in every issue, is concluded here. As it had done in the previous issues, the lengthy episodes take up most of the issue and allow little room for other material; those that don't have a fondness for fantasy would have abandoned the title after a couple of issues, I believe. Another REH poem is showcased in the "Poetry Corner" and the "Bell, Book and Tarot" column features poltergeists. "Eats!" is the standout story here. The back cover is a reprint of the cover of the first issue, sans titles.

(Part 2 tomorrow.)

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