Saturday, May 4, 2019


"For the love of God -- no more! Kill me now if you're that inhuman, but no more torture!"

WARNING! If you are offended by sexist, misogynistic, exploitative pulp fiction written by red-blooded American men, go back to the last couple of posts and read the comic books. Otherwise, please feel free to indulge in the sweat-inducing tale of one, James Agneu, Lord of  Lydenham, who, in his unnatural lusts, delighted in capturing and torturing woman in his secret castle crypt.

It was July, 1680 and in the bowels Lydenham Castle would be the scene of horror and death. Author Haven Incirlik, which is without a doubt a pseudonym for another writer who wouldn't be caught dead having his name on the by-line, takes us down the moldy, moss-infested hallways to the hidden dungeon where unspeakable acts are played out by the Lord's sick fantasies.

"The Kidnapped Nudes In The Castle of Torment" is a formulaic, titillating tale in the usual style of the time that was seen in the February 1970 of NEW MAN. Read on, if you can take the screaming.


Robert Deis (aka "SubtropicBob") said...

That's a classic men's sweat mag torture story from a highly collectible issue. The cover painting was done by Bruce Minney and the illustration for the story was done by John Duillo, both regular contributors to various men's pulp adventure magazines.

John said...

Thanks, Bob, for the extra info. I was hoping you'd chime in on this with the art credits!

Guy Callaway said...

So that's how Haven Incrilik got started!

John said...

Ha! Ha!