Tuesday, March 28, 2017


SCARY MONSTERS #104 is off to the printer and due to hit the stands in April! This issue is dedicated to the late, great makeup artist, Paul Blaisdell. Above is a peek at the marvelous cover.

From the SCARY MONSTERS Facebook page:
In #104 we highlight the quintessential creator of monsters for B movies in the 1950s. Paul Blaisdell was a one-of-a-kind monster maker who literally stepped inside his own creations, bringing them to life before the cameras and movie-goers worldwide. We also ask, “Can You Tame the Tingler?” in a review of the William Castle-Vincent Price shock-fest from a scientific perspective. Then there’s our music-monster mash up with “Gravesy Gravesum’s American Chop 40 Monster Hits Edition.” Godzilla fans will appreciate a convenient guide to the 29 G films released by Toho. We also visit with Dark Shadows alumna Marie Wallace and Vincent Price protégé David Frankham of Return of the Fly, Tales of Terror, The Outer Limits, and Star Trek. And there’s much, much more in 144 vintage pulp pages for Monster Kids of all ages!

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