Thursday, March 16, 2017


The great RKO photographer, Robert W. Coburn, took this glamour shot of Miss Wray in 1933, when she was starring in KING KONG. The description on the reverse of the still says this:

"Fay Wray makes a charming picture in her new satin lounging pajamas which are new in cut and design. The peasant sleeves make graceful folds, gathered into the belt, and the deep hem give them weight and an attractive finish. Covered buttons and woven belt of heavy silk strands which form a fringe at the fastening are the only trimming. Miss Wray plays the chief feminine role in RKO Radio's "KING KONG".

The attention to Fay's garments and appearance in this snipe only emphasize RKO's acknowledgement that they had one of Hollywood's premiere starlets of the time.

Also of note is her bobbed hair, which in the '30s became a more acceptable style than in the '20s, when it was thought to be a "controversial" cut. The style was made popular by actresses such as Louise Brooks, Gloria Swanson and Anna May Wong. Newspaper headlines in the 1920s made mush of the style and its association with the déclassé. Here is just a sampling (sourced from Glamour Daze):

“Bobbed hair leads to divorce.”
“Bobbing of hair costs twelve nurse jobs!”
“Shocked husband shoots himself when wife bobs hair!”
“Bobbing your hair leads to insanity!”

“Bobbing your hair will make you go bald!”

On another note, I promised to reveal to you the reason behind posting the CHILDREN OF THE SUN one-sheet last week. Well, ye curator of this blog fled the dismal and dank environs of the fabled Mysterious Mansion to dry out in the bright sun and arid heat of Arizona. Now, I must clarify that ye curator kept his clothes on in public and during no part of the vacation did I visit the venerable "camps" where said clothing is optional. Nevertheless, the freedom of a much-needed vacay was enjoyed immensely.

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