Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Vol. 1 No. 1
1988 (No month)
Publisher: HCS Associates
Editor: Jim Whiting
Cover: Photo Cover
Pages: 68

One of the weaker entries in the largely fallow years of monster magazines before the transition into the "new trend", inspired by  low-budget blockbusters and ubiquitous, and sometimes surprisingly good indie flicks.

Subtitled "The Beast of Horror Magazines", SLAUGHTERHOUSE didn't have a vintage bone in its body and glorified in presenting contemporary film coverage. As a result, the content was a mixed bag and featured flicks such as DEADLY SPAWN II, FRIGHT NIGHT II, and THEY LIVE, too. Included were interviews with director John Carpenter and Scream Queen Linnea Quigley (who managed to wiggle her way into every monsters mag in existence at the time). To its credit, SLAUGHTERHOUSE had a sensibility towards horror film movie making of the day, makeup, and special effects. Fans of modern movie monsters will like this -- fans of vintage monsters not so much.

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