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Vol. 1, No. 1
1971 (No month given)
Publisher: Buro Lan, S.A. de Ediciones/New English Library
Editor: Laurence James
Cover: Enrich
Pages: 24

The U.K. version of this stunning comics magazine was printed in Spain, presumably ganged with the printing of the Spanish language version. The series lasted for 12 issues. A compilation of all 12 issues into one volume was sold later. Editor Laurence James was the voice of the U.K. version and promised something new and exciting.

DRACULA is indeed, beautiful to behold. The evocatively rendered art and rich color pallete was masterfully printed in full color and served to introduce the English-speaking world to a entirely new, exciting group of writers and artists that seemed almost exotic.

The first issue begins ongoing series for each character, including Esteban Maroto's Conan pastiche, "Wolff" and "Sir Leo", Jose Bea's monster hunter. Maroto's poster is missing from this scan and it is known to be quite scarce.

Never one to miss an opportunity, James Warren acquired the rights to this series in 1972 and published the first volume of DRACULA, which contained the first six issues. Volume 2 of DRACULA remained in its coffin and never saw the light of the moon.

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