Saturday, June 18, 2016


Vol. 1 No. 2
Fall 1992
Publisher: Frederick S. Clarke
Editor: Bill George
Pages: 68

Response to the first issue of FEMME FATALES was greater than expected. Jim Clatterbaugh, editor and publisher of MONSTERS FROM THE VAULT commented that  when he worked at Diamond Distributors, FF was the top-selling genre magazine, surpassing orders for any other monster, fantasy or science-fiction publication.

The content continued to be of high quality and was a clear refection of the burgeoning B-Horror movie market that featured not only ugly monsters but beautiful girls as well. In someone else's hands, FF could have easily become the instrument of a feminist manifesto, but instead, under Clarke and George's guidance, it struck a perfect balance between cheesecake and a serious forum for actresses to express their opinion about women's roles in these types of movies, the directors they worked for (usually men) and pop culture in general.

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