Tuesday, June 14, 2016


The first issue of the new era of SCARY MONSTERS magazine is now available for purchase! Click HERE for order details.

Contents of issue:
 •Monster Fest 12 Braves the Storm by Deborah Painter and Paul Knight

•Selling the Creature by Kent Daluga

•Battle of the Lycanthropes: Wolfman 2010 vs. Wolf Man 1941 by Jason Strangis

•The Monster Maker by Tom Dixon

•COVER STORY: The Nurse in Science Fiction Films by Mark and Donna Glassy

•Observations of June Lockhart or How Ernest Borgnine Ruined My Picture by Mike Dimesa

•Kaiju Korner: The Golden Age of Monster Talk in 20th-Century Toho Movies by Mike Bogue

•Abbott & Costello Meet Strange, Lugosi and Chaney by Steven Farrell

•The Fall and Rise of Horror Cinema (1946-1960) by Jim Ivers

•Franken Billy by Rick "Spine" Mountfort

•Scareviews by David-Elijah Nahmod

•Laird and The Lodger: A Cut Above the Rest by Don Lousy

•Curse of the Crying Woman by Jim Ivers

•Tiny Tales of Terror: No Strings Attached by Bob Statzer

•In the Cabinet and Beyond by Jeff Martin

•Bad Movies That Hurt So Good: A*P*E by Ernie Magnotta

•Robert Rodan: Stranger in a Strange Land by Rod Labbe

•The Monsters of Jonny Quest by Mike Bogue

•Dr. Gangrene's Mad Interviews: William C. Cope by Larry Underwood

•Monsterpalooza 2016 by Press Corpse Cliff Robertson

•Killer Shrew Look-a-like Contest

 ... and the usual regular features!

Full color cover and vintage B&W content. 112 pages.

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