Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Aurora did not stand idle and wait for sales of their line of hobby supplies to come in. In truth, besides the popular interest in model building at the time, what made Aurora so successful was their aggressive marketing campaign.

Besides their partnership with FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND for 1964's "Master Monster Maker Contest", they supplied hobby shops with plentiful materials to promote their products. One such example were these advertising signs for the Aurora line of Universal Monsters model kits. Using the James Bama box art, the signs could be placed anywhere to remind kids that you could buy the latest monster kit in their store.

Description of Aurora Frankenstein Advertising Sign Lot #2303:
Double-sided 5.25x13" die-cut cardboard store sign w/hanger hole at top center as made. Released by Aurora to promote the initial release of the first five Universal Monsters model kits. ©1963 Universal Pictures Co., Inc. Similar signs were made for Dracula, The Mummy, The Wolf Man and Creature from the Black Lagoon. Complete w/block of text at bottom below monster's name (often found cut), w/Aurora logo and copyright information. One side has noticeable fade and is VG overall while other side remains bright and clean w/no creases and displays VF. All of these advertising signs are rare and desirable in any condition.

Description of Aurora Promotional Lot #2317
Extensive lot of mostly retailer promo ephemera from the 1960s-1970s. This includes a 1975 "Sales And Service" folder that contains two catalogs, two catalog folders and four sales sheets. One folder is for "Monsters Of The Movies" showing Rodan & Ghidrah kits. Additionally lot includes eight other catalog folders and 11 sales sheets, mostly for models but a few other Aurora products are shown. Included are kits for Land Of The Giants Spaceship, Prehistoric Scenes series, Green Berets, The Rat Patrol as well as Batman poster-puzzle, "Coppersmith" line and more. Other products of note include - "Snap-A-Roos," Air Hockey, "Ready Ranger" toys, "American Classics" car model kits, "MBT-70 Tank," Pan American and United passenger jets, "Snap Dragon" hotrod, "Hercules And The Lion," Funny Cars, "American Heritage" line, various tanks and warships, "Forged Foil" line, "Battle Aces" warplane-themed cars, "XLerators" track set instructions and manuals and production material, etc. There is also a group of paperwork for AFX slot cars including handwritten copy. Last are instruction sheets for The Forgotten Prisoner & Hercules. Overall lot is Fine to Exc. An instant collection.


Rick said...

Pretty sure the drawings of Gidrah and Rodan are by Dave Cockrum.

John said...

I do believe you are correct on that account. If I'm also not mistaken, he designed the figures as well.


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