Monday, June 20, 2016


Forty years after the illustration by an unknown cover artist appeared on the cover of the third issue (June 1926) of the famous pulp, AMAZING STORIES, a sinisterly similar image found its way on to the 18th  issue of CREEPY.

The scene depicting a sea serpent (and a giant turtle in the lower right-hand corner) menacing the three-man crew on a raft was illustrating the second part of Jules Verne's serialized novel, "A Trip to the Center of the Earth" (aka "Journey to the Center of the Earth"). The caption on the contents page reads: Our Cover - illustrates an episode in this month's story, "A Trip to the Center of the Earth", by Jules Verne. Here we see our intrepid explorers almost perish at the agency of one of the great sea monsters roaming the great Inner Sea.

The cover of the January 1968 issue of Warren's CREEPY (issue #18) shows a swipe of the AMAZING STORIES cover image from 42 years earlier. Artist Vic Prezio is the culprit here, updating the image to include a damsel in distress. Sadly, our friend, the turtle, is no where to be seen, however. Perhaps after four decades he ended up "in the soup"?

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