Thursday, June 2, 2016


SCARY MONSTERS has been around for 25 years and 100 issues. Plans for the June release of SCARY MONSTERS #101 have been announced at Just yesterday, the cover was revealed on their website.

This will be the first issue since original publisher Dennis Druktenis sold his title to the folks at MMM. Here's a look at the contents of #101:

•Monster Fest 12 Braves the Storm by Deborah Painter and Paul Knight
•Selling the Creature by Kent Daluga
•Battle of the Lycanthropes: Wolfman 2010 vs. Wolf Man 1941 by Jason Strangis
•The Monster Maker by Tom Dixon
•COVER STORY: The Nurse in Science Fiction Films by Mark and Donna Glassy
•Observations of June Lockhart or How Ernest Borgnine Ruined My Picture by Mike Dimesa
•Kaiju Korner: The Golden Age of Monster Talk in 20th-Century Toho Movies by Mike Bogue
•Abbott & Costello Meet Strange, Lugosi and Chaney by Steven Farrell
•The Fall and Rise of Horror Cinema (1946-1960) by Jim Ivers
•Franken Billy by Rick "Spine" Mountfort
•Scareviews by David-Elijah Nahmod
•Laird and The Lodger: A Cut Above the Rest by Don Lousy
•Curse of the Crying Woman by Jim Ivers
•Tiny Tales of Terror: No Strings Attached by Bob Statzer
•In the Cabinet and Beyond by Jeff Martin
•Bad Movies That Hurt So Good: A*P*E by Ernie Magnotta
•Robert Rodan: Stranger in a Strange Land by Rod Labbe
•The Monsters of Jonny Quest by Mike Bogue
•Dr. Gangrene's Mad Interviews: William C. Cope by Larry Underwood
•Monsterpalooza 2016 by Press Corpse Cliff Robertson
•Killer Shrew Look-a-like Contest
 ... and the usual regular features!
Full color cover and vintage B&W content. 112 pages.

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