Thursday, September 6, 2012


"A real shocker! No one will know who you are!"

From the "Green Monster" (a.k.a. Frankenstein's Monster) to the "Vampire" (er . . . Vampira?), here are a half-dozen Topstone monster masks that were for sale from a monster 'zine by the name of SHRIEK! They managed to get a couple of pages in for ads, including the page pictured here, in their first issue dated May 1965.

Yet another artifact from the vintage days of Monster Maskology!

[NOTE: Interested in purchasing a copy of SHRIEK! for your own? The MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD MONSTER MAIL ORDER SHOPPE has all copies at great prices from this title for sale. Just click on link under the main blog title above, or on the banner at the bottom of the blog.]

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