Wednesday, September 5, 2012


With tattered clothes straining against their "bodacious, mangled curves", the Zombie Vixens are here for you to toy with as you please. The figures come attached to model sprue and are ready for assembling and painting to your own specifications.

From the Wargames Factory website:

"The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us. Scores of hungry, reanimated corpses roam the planet ravenous for their next meal. Among the living, fear reaches a paralyzing climax as they watch their numbers rapidly dwindle.

Enter the Zombie Vixens!

Who knew that the mindless undead could be quite so…appetizing? The Vixens’ tattered clothes strain against their bodacious, mangled curves and as they lurch forward you are almost hypnotized by their shocking female forms. But you had better snap out of it and run like hell or you will be these ladies’ next conquest. And remember… no kissing!

This set contains:
■30 mulipart female zombie figures + 6 bonus crawlers
■30 round 25mm diameter bases
■45 Heads
■96 Arms"

The set retails for a less-than-apocalyptic $19.95.

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