Friday, September 21, 2012


Yet another magazine that owes its inspiration to the original FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND is Dennis Druktenis' SCARY MONSTERS. Rolling along to its 83rd issue, SM has provided many movie monster memories over its long publishing history.

Druktenis is another huge monster fan and he allows many of his contributors to share their experiences as Monster Kids within the pages of his expansive magazine. Issue 83 is no exception. At 150 pages, SM easily beats the rest with its kong-sized contents.

SCARY MONSTERS is stuffed with all things monster, like a long article on ISLE OF THE LOST SOULS, a FLASH GORDON feature, a kaiju-sized piece on Gorgo in Charlton Comics (including the original GORGO movie pressbook), an article on the obscure Merian C. (King Kong) Cooper film, WAR EAGLES, and believe me -- a ton more. The issue wouldn't be complete, however, with page after page of the Scary Monsters Mail Order Market where you can find everything imaginable in the way of monster goodies for sale, including back issues, models (the plastic ones that you put together), toys, masks, books -- you name it!

If I had one gripe about SCARY MONSTERS, it would be to print it on better paper. Using cheaper stock will make it problematic for Monsterologists to archive and maintain these little gems in good condition. Plus, the photos suffer greatly by the lower quality printing process. Ultimately, I suppose, it's better this way, because otherwise it would probably be less than half the pages for a dollar ot two more in cover price. Maybe it's just better to leave it alone, Fritz.


SanzarQ said...

Seems odd that you would tout issue # 83, when #84 just landed in subscriber's mailboxes. Are you stuck in a time warp?

John said...

Sanzar, I am aware that ish #84 is out, but I'm not a subscriber so #83 is the most recent I have and I wanted to include this title in my string of capsule reviews. While I can't say that I live in a time warp, I do have a 60's flashback every once in a while!


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