Tuesday, September 25, 2012


DIABOLIQUE is fast becoming two heads and shoulders above the rest when it comes to horror and monster film magazines. I was super impressed right off the bat (no pun intended) with its extraordinary design and art direction. The writing is by and large excellent as well.

DIABOLIQUE has earned the MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD spotlight banner under the main title. After staying awhile here, please visit their site. It's as good-looking as their magazine.

Issue #12 is hot off the press. Following is the contents:

■ Growing Up Lynch - Olivia Saperstein talks to Jennifer Lynch about her new film and the influence her famous father had on her as an artist

■ Anatomy of Eli Roth’s Goretorium - David Calbert interviews Eli Roth about his gory new “Haunted House” in Las Vagas

■ All Abhorred! Ghost Trains & Haunted Attractions - Brandon Kosters traces the roots of some of our most famous haunted attractions

■ Halloween: Boundary Between the Living & the Dead - Kyle Kouri gives us a brief history of everyone’s favorite holiday

■ Biting Commentary - Brandon Kosters on the Batman’s resurgence as a figurehead for macabre social critique

■ It’s Alive! Ghastly Images for the Whole Family - Scott Feinblatt sits down with members of Tim Burton’s production team to discuss the making of Frankenweenie (2012)

■ Karloff on Karloff - Tony Earnshaw interviews Sara Karloff about her father’s incredible career and legacy

■ The Puppeteer’s Tale - Scott Feinblatt talks to the founder of the Old Trout Puppet Workshop as they celebrate grotesque imagery while imparting profound messages in a neglected art form

■ The Forbidden Forest - David Calbert discusses the motif of the “dark forest” in children’s literature

■ Dancing with Death - David Huckvale’s reflections on Gothic ballets devoted to macabre narratives

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