Sunday, September 30, 2012


You may remember from my capsule review of FREAKY MONSTERS early this week that I mentioned that issue #11 was overdue by several months.

Well, after an inquiry I heard back from Editor and Publisher Ray Ferry who explained:

"FREAKY MONSTERS is alive and well. We did experience a delay in releasing #11 due to a heavier-than-expected workload in getting Filmland Classics' newest book, Chuck McCann's Let's Have Fun! Scrapbook out. There was a whirlwind publicity campaign that kept us pretty busy. FREAKY MONSTERS #11 will be at comicbook stores later this month. There seems to be backlog in new product distribution in some areas but that has nothing to do with publication. As you mention in your blog for #10, the magazine is sold through Diamond Previews catalog and online at, as well as other specialty outlets. #11 is out now and #12 will be out end of this month. Given the special interest target audience the magazine is published for and a sluggish economy, we elected not to pursue general noosestand distribution for the title. Perhaps later we may but for the moment sales are brisk and we see no reason for mass marketing."

A quick check on the Filmland Classics website confirms that issue #11 is now available as mentioned.

Thanks, Ray, for the update. Now, monster lovers, go forth and get FREAKY!

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