Wednesday, August 29, 2012


In what is truly disappointing news, it appears that Editor and Publisher Dave Davey's excellent monster magazine, UNDYING MONSTERS is close to ... well, dying. The print magazine market is getting tough, and the print monster magazine market is getting tougher. With most cover prices from 8 to 10 dollars, people with limited discretionary income are thinking twice before dropping the bucks for a magazine.

That's not to say, however, that UNDYING MONSTERS is worth a pass. On the contrary, if you are a lover of the classic years of monster movies, then this magazine is right up your bloodstained alley.

I must admit, I have been a little remiss in promoting Mr. Davey's labor of love. This will be remedied in coming posts here at MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD.

In the meantime, I urge you all to visit the UNDYING MONSTERS website and purchase a copy or three, and help bring an undying monster back to life!

Here are the details on the situation:

"We regret that our tribute to AMICUS in issue #5 has been delayed. We still do not have a publication date, but we are doing all we can to get the magazine printed. Unfortunately, sales have not lived up to our expectations. Undying Monsters has been losing money steadily since its inception. We had hoped circulation would increase over time, but this has not happened. And with the increase in printing and shipping costs, it has become impossible for us to maintain a quarterly schedule. We have therefore decided to temporarily stop offering subscriptions.

While it has become necessary for us to reduce our operating costs as much as possible, we have no plans to raise our price or reduce the print quality and number of pages of our magazine. One prospect we are considering is to print the magazine to order. Once we have received enough requests to cover our publishing costs, the magazine will be printed and mailed. It will no longer be available in comic book stores, and depending on the cost per issue, it may or may not be available from our direct dealers. We sincerely hope this can avoided, but the alternative might be to cease publication entirely. We will continue to post updates to this page. If you are interested in pre-ordering UM #5, email us at You will not be charged, and current subscriptions will be honored.

Pictured to the left is the current working draft of Mark Maddox's cover for UM5. The magazine will also contain an interview with the RONDO-Award winning artist which we're sure you will find fascinating. Film coverage includes review articles on Dr. Terror's House Of Horrors and Torture Garden, with Tales From The Crypt as our sixth Film Book. We had hoped to cover more of AMICUS' anthology films in this issue, but we weren't about to slight such great films like The House That Dripped Blood and Asylum because of lack of space. Hopefully we can cover these and other AMICUS films in a follow-up issue. A special thanks to Stephen Jones for sharing his treasure trove of fabulous stills. Without his help, this issue would not be possible."

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