Wednesday, August 8, 2012


In its heyday, the original DARK SHADOWS TV series garnered frequent coverage in the monster magazines. This was due in large part to the huge success it became after Jonathan Frid came aboard as the centuries-old vampire, Barnabas Collins.

In issue #13 of CASTLE OF FRANKENSTEIN (Spring 1969) appeared a hastily pasted-up, two-page feature on the Barnabas phenomenon. Described as a "tall, gaunt, sad and soulful character," the author of the article went on to claim that the name Jonathan Frid was a better name for his role as vampire than Barnabas Collins!

"We take Barnabas very seriously," Frid says. "The idea was to jazz up the show when I came in."

"I play Barnabas as a human," Frid went on to say. "Then anything I do is heightened as a vampire."

[NOTE: Post title from concept art by Dick "Bojak the Bojar" Bojarski from CASTLE OF FRANKENSTEIN #13.]

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