Saturday, August 25, 2012


Now available for download is a new publication by THE ORIGINAL ARKHAM PRESS in an electronic magazne format. Fans of H.P. Lovecraft might be interested in learning more about Lovecraft's comic adaptations and how the forced demise of horror comics, such as those by EC, were a contributing factor to their (sometimes over-the-top) re-emergence in the 1960's. Plus, it's written by yours truly!

Here's the 411 from THE ORIGINAL ARKHAM PRESS site:

"The first publication of the eZine, Journal of Lovecraftiana is now available for purchase. With the theme, "The Underground Lovecraft", it contains a lengthy essay by long-time Lovecraft admirer and historian, John Navroth entitled "Lovecraft's Last Gasp". It is "remastered" from its first appearance as a submission to the Lovecraft Amateur Press Association's Esoteric Order of Dagon in 2009 with color images replacing the original black and white reproductions.

It discusses the avenues and forms taken to bring Lovecraft adaptations and Lovecraft-inspired stories to comic books and other sequential art media. It begins with the death of the horror comic book in the 1950's and their resurrection years later with Jim Warren's Creepy magazine, where the first full-length Lovecraft adaptation in a comic story appeared. There is a lengthy discussion of Skull Comics, the infamous underground title that included several Lovecraft adaptations, as well as other extreme illustrated horror stories meant to be a subversive reaction to the forced ceasing of horror and crime comic books from 10 years before. Included is the complete text of the original Comics Code Authority which spelled out the guidelines for the approved content of comic books."

Go HERE to buy.

To see an example of an H.P. Lovecraft adaptation in an underground comic, click on the MONSTER COMICS tab under this blog's title header and read the classic HPL story, "Cool Air" from SKULL COMICS #4!

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