Wednesday, August 22, 2012


"Actually, I think Lovecraft's all about sex. All of his stories, he writes about these couplings between non-human lifeforms and giving birth to all these monstrosities." -- Stuart Gordon

Even there ever was a champion to bring the tales of  H.P. Lovecraft to the silver screen, Director Stuart Gordon is the one. A huge fan of Lovecraft (I saw him speak at the Lovecraft Film Festival in Portland, Oregon some years ago), Gordon is tireless in his efforts to bring the Godfather of Cosmic Horror into the spotlight of films.

In issue #56 (May 2006) of the Canadian monster 'zine, RUE MORGUE, Gordon talks about his work with interviewer Joseph O'Brien. A bona fide Lovecraft fan, Mr. Gordon has done much to translate the weird fiction writer's tales to the screen . . . which is not an easy job.

[NOTE: To purchase the full issue of the magazine in which this sample article appears, visit the RUE MORGUE back issues department by clicking HERE.]

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