Friday, November 19, 2010


I mentioned in an earlier post that I at one time had aspirations of becoming a Hollywood make-up artist. I was already living in Los Angeles, so how hard could it have been?

One of the places that I frequented for my make-up stuff was a store called "Dickson's Theatrical Supplies". I'm not sure if they're still in business but they had -- or they could get -- anything I needed in the way of goop and gravy to make myself up just like the young men in the Dick Smith-created, Jim Warren-published FAMOUS MONSTERS MAKE-UP HANDBOOK. As I recall, the proprieter was pretty nice. He noticed my budding interest and offered me a stack of literature to help me along. Among them was this first in a series of booklets published by cosmetics giant Max Factor. The publication date is 1971, but I believe they were originally printed much earlier, judging from the very retro art deco style cover and the way the illustrations are drawn.

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