Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Not really a 'zine, per se, and not always monster-themed, but there's enough going on here to bring out the hombre lobo in me, especially with the annual Halloween issue shown here. If you're interested at all in Mexi-horror or Mexican films in general, then I suggest you prisa en mas to Mirek Lipinski's Vampires y Monstruos blog where I found out about these fantastic, FREE "bulletins".

And, while we're on the subject of Mexi-horror movies, why not check out the "Watch Movies" tab just under the title of this blog where you'll find featured a brand new, full-length movie. Remember that "What Scared Me Post" from a while back where I showed you the picture from FM that scared the heck out of me back in the day? Well, this is the movie that it was taken from: LADRON DE CADAVERES (aka THE BODY SNATCHER). Salud, amigos y amigas!

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