Saturday, November 13, 2010


The folks at FANGORIA magazine are offering a sneak peak at the cover and contents of their one-issue-away-from-300-issue. The cover features a very striking, and, for FANGO, a very bloodless image of Natalie Portman as she will appear in the soon-to-be-released thriller BLACK SWAN. This issue spotlights women in horror, as there are several articles on the femmes fatales of fright flicks (and oddly enough, just one issue later than RUE MORGUE'S "Only Women Bleed" themed issue). And, take a look at the BLACK SWAN trailer over at MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD'S -- ahem -- other site, MONSTER MOVIE WORLD.

1 comment:

Mike Scott said...

Good lord! 300 must be a record for a genre mag!? CongRats to Fango!


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