Friday, November 26, 2010


The folks over at ASIAN CULT CINEMA and WORLD CULT CINEMA are offering a holiday sale on all products at their
website. Click HERE to go to the special discount page, or visit the websites from the links on the sidebar to the right of this blog roll. ASIAN CULT CINEMA was the premiere (and for a while the only) magazine that exclusively covered asian horror, nikkatsu, category III, and other cinema feasts from the east. WORLD CULT CINEMA is the place to go for rare cult DVDs from all over the rest of the world. Thomas Weisser is back with an occasional newsletter. We can only hope that he decides to resume publication of the magazine (hint! hint!). Below is a sample clipping from the current newsletter. If you want to subscribe, go to the ASIAN CULT CINEMA website and tell them MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD sent you!

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