Monday, November 22, 2010


Recently spotted was an unopened box of 36 packs of SPOOK STORIES monster trading cards selling for around 15 grand. That seems to be gone (and it's doubtful the bids met the minimum). How about a single pack for only $999.95? That's only $36,000 a box! Put on your glasses and push the "Commit" button now!


Mike Scott said...

I don't know what the going rates for SS packs and boxes, so I don't know how out whack these prices may be. I do know that I'm not enough of a card collector to pay anywhere near those kinda bucks! :)

John said...

Mike, makes you wonder if these sellers are hoping for some wealthy collector to come across them --- 'cause I'm sure the average collector, even the AVID collector could (and most likely would) spend a grand more wisely.


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