Saturday, November 27, 2010


"Crap to you is film history to others" - Tony Dalton to Ray Harryhausen about his early efforts at model-making

Ray Harryhausen will tell you that it was the 1933 RKO Pictures giant monster flick, KING KONG, that sparked his interest in making monsters, and, in particular, bringing them to life. His first attempt was to make his own version of King Kong . . . as a marionette puppet! The 13-year old Harryhausen made the King of Skull Island's head out of papier-mache, his mom made the fur body, and voila! a genius of monster making was born!

An image of the finished product (as it looks 77 years later) is shown below as a part of a fanatastic article in CINEMA RETRO #17 about Ray Harryhausen's "crap" that was resurrected by Tony Dalton, author of several books about Harryhausen.

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