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Vol. 1 No. 6
December, 1976 (First printing)
Publisher: General Book Distribution (Warner House)
Editor: Dez Skin
Art Editor: Paul Harwood
Production: Ron Letchford; John Hunt
Cover art: Brian Lewis
Pages: 52
Cover price: 35p (About 50 cents)

Brains, gore and crawling hands are just some of the "things" you'll encounter when you read this issue's article, "Blood and Guts". The late, great Denis Gifford tells of DRACULA and other weird films from 1931. The fine lines of John Bolton add to the comics adaptation of Hammer's DRACULA, PRINCE OF DARKNESS. Plus, a few more terror tidbits to whet your horror appetite. 

"Dracula, Prince of Darkness"
Script: Donn Avenell (adaptation)
Art: John Bolton

"Monster Gallery" photo feature.

"The Year of Fear: 1931" text article by Denis Gifford.

"Blood and Guts" text article by John Brosnan.

"The Crazies" text article by John Fleming.

"Van Helsing's Terror Tales: Malovoisin's Mirror"
Script: Chris Lowder
Art: Brian Lewis

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Rip Jagger said...

That scene in the film when the guy is knocked over the head, hung up and slaughtered like a hog is one of the most ghastly in Hammer history if you ask me. It always makes me cringe. There are bloodier more gory sequences but not so many at the gut-wrenching level. Dracula seems more dangerous because he doesn't civilize himself with speech. I read that there's a dispute about if Dracula was written any lines or if Lee just refused to say them. I tend to think he wasn't given that many if any.