Saturday, January 27, 2024


More of a collection of prints, really, than a portfolio, but since they came in a printed envelope, I think it qualifies. GRAY MORROW'S HEROES was published in 1975 by Sal Quartuccio who also published HOT STUF' and much more. At a mere five bucks, it was right in my wheelhouse at the time (I was more concerned with keeping up with my vast collection of comic books and magazines). Not produced as fancy as a lot of others, the envelope contained six color plates and no signature, frills or extras -- just some great work. You can find sets for sale at reasonable prices around the 'net if you want them without the watermarks.

The plates as they appear here:
  • Vigilante (Nation Periodical Publications)
  • Modesty Blaise (Peter O'Donnell)
  • The Joker (National Periodical Publications)
  • The Lone Ranger & Tonto (Lone Ranger Television, Inc.)
  • Black Terror (Nedor Publications)
  • Hawkman (National Periodical Publications)

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