Wednesday, April 14, 2021


Vol. 1 No. 5
June 1969
Warren Publishing Company
Publisher: James Warren
Editor: Bill Parente
Cover: Frank Frazetta
Pages: 66
Cover price: 50 cents

With some imaginative panel work by John Fantucchio and Jack Sparling, along with established greats Jeff Jones and Tom Sutton, and with Frazetta back as cover artist this issue continues what will become the long-lived comics tradition of Warren's VAMPIRELLA.

"Vampi's Feary Tales" ("The Satanic Sisterhood of Stonehenge")
Script: Tom Sutton
Art: Tom Sutton

"The Craft of a Cat's Eye"
Script: Don Glut
Art: John Fantucchio

"Scaly Death"
Script: Don Glut
Art: Billy Graham

"An Axe to Grind"
Script: Jeff Jones
Art: Jeff Jones

"Avenged By Aurora"
Script: Bill Parente
Art: Tom Sutton

"Ghoul Girl"
Script: Don Glut
Art: John Fantucchio

"Escape Route"
Script: T. Casey Brennan
Art: Mike Royer

Script: Don Glut
Art: Jack Sparling

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