Friday, April 2, 2021


Talk about Body Horror! David Cronenberg's got nothing over Italian artist Laira Mangaluco. She has created some of the most creepy and downright revolting figures that I have ever come across. I'll let the images of these truly bizarre critters speak for themselves. The artist speaks for herself below.

The molded figures sell in the thousands of dollars and are for sale HERE.

Laira Mangaluco was born in Milan on January 16, 1979.

The approach to the art world has started since my first years of life I have always loved and found inspiration from all that nature offered to me, from raw materials to the lives of those around me by making me know the world of different emotions.

As a girl I hardly found a gaming stimulus in the collective scenario, dolls and barbies did not do for me! On the contrary, I asked for reproductions of human skeletons, gummy games, and boglins.
Everything that I lived and discovered I always tried to make it material. Afterwards I attended school but after a few years my free spirit prevailed, I felt more and more the need for external stimuli and from that moment on I began a self-taught journey through the experimentation of plastic materials with improved techniques over time .

About three years ago I started a journey through the reproduction of premature babies and the creation of creatures, thanks to the latter I had the opportunity to refine my sculptural technique that looks to the world of hyperrealism, but through the remodeling of newborns I was able to perfect molding techniques.

Thanks to my insatiability in capturing all the resources that any matter could give me, I have studied the mold making process, succeeding in creating my final silicone works through one cast without having to dissect the models in several parts.

After several experiments I came to the conclusion that silicone is a material capable of making my sculptures more realistic both visually and to the touch.

If I have to tell you something specific that inspires me to create my own works I would not know how to answer it, but I can tell you that I have always loved everything that does not fit into the ordinary is more atypical, deformed and unusual, and is more inspirational. All this I find in the most rare animal forms.

I realize every creature trying to transfer them an essence, the result of my imagination, a sort of vital lime that animates them and at the same time nourishes, assuming that the human kind is a source of nourishment for alien nature creatures.

To date, my job is to create creatures that are the result of my realistic genre fantasy, which has always been my greatest passion and proudly became my work, without however precluding my ability to experiment and improve day after day even through comparison with works by other artists.

Baby werewolf.

Bat Baby.






Baby Mouse.



Dr. Theda said...

sine cool images !
wirhing you well, goof Sit !

John said...

Cute little critters, aren't they, Good Doctor?