Saturday, April 3, 2021


Hi, Kids! Today I'm sharing some photos of another recent model kit I completed. It is the Revell re-issue of the classic Aurora Wolf Man from 2010. It took many hours and layers of paint, but every minute of it was fun.

It's all done with brush work, -- no airbrushing -- and I used acrylics from Freak Flex, Vallejo, Model Master and AK. The base is customized with Woodland Scenics water and snow effects and some "found" objects.

Building model kits is a great way to pass the time during COVID lockdowns and I'd say it's even therapeutic. I heartily suggest you give it a try if you've ever had the inclination but haven't jumped in yet.

Box art.

Parts trimmed, washed, puttied and ready for paint.

Completed base.



Wendy said...

Looks great! My dad bought me the set of four when the re-release happened, and then insisted that I let him paint one. (Even though he'd owned and painted them all back when he was a kid and monster models were brand new!) I was loathe to give any of them up, but when push came to shove, the Wolf Man was the one I was least excited to do, so I let him have it, lol. This was YEARS ago and the others have been sitting put together but unpainted in my closet ever since. Last month, I finally decided that I needed to get going on them, so I recently painted Dracula -- I'm a commission painter by trade, but painting on something three-dimensional was SO much more difficult than painting on a flat surface! I love how you embellished your Wolf Man with snow -- very unique, I don't think I've seen a WM model done with that before!

John said...

Thanks, Wendy! I try to do something a little more unique when the opportunity presents itself. The idea came to me when I was watching (for the Nth time!) Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man, when Talbot woke up from the hairy part of himself in the depths of the Frankenstein Castle ruins. I recently finished the Dracula kit and am presently working on The Phantom of the Opera. BTW, if you care to share your work send a photo or two to my email address on the "Contact" tab. In the meantime, thanks again for being a loyal reader of WOM!