Friday, April 9, 2021


Who can forget the mighty Kraken from CLASH OF THE TITANS, another masterpiece from Ray Harryhausen. Now, if you've got an extra 500 bucks, you can have your own Kraken. Just think how it would look next to your aquarium!

Here's the description of the vinyl piece from MONSTERS IN MOTION, where it is also available for pre-order:

Clash of the Titans 1980 Kraken Deluxe Statue by Star Ace Ray Harryhausen

The mighty Kraken is a giant and fearsome sea monster sent by the gods to destroy mortals that have defied them. Perhaps Ray Harryhausen’s greatest achievement in stop-motion animation, the Kraken is a huge four-armed creature with a long tail and terrifying face.  

The Super Vinyl statue of Ray Harryhausen’s Kraken is the largest creation Star Ace has ever made. Standing at 13" tall and extending out a full 21" in length, this impressive monster will be an amazing display piece for any collection. Traditionally sculpted by the artisans of the famed creature shop of Kaibutsuya, the statue is made from soft vinyl and is hand-painted to bring out the details of the sculpt. 

The deluxe version of the Kraken comes with a polyresin diorama base with sculpted ocean waves and a manacled princess waiting to be rescued.  This extended version measures a full 25" in length with the base. 

Product Size: 13.77" H (349.76mm) x 25.19" W (639.83mm) x 11.81" L (299.97mm).
Retail Price: $494.99.

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