Monday, January 29, 2018


Nobody, and I mean nobody would argue that Pam Grier epitomizes the strong female version of the action hero. As a matter of fact, she was the first black female to have the starring role in an action film. Never mind that she got that way from playing in movies that are now categorized for the most part as "blaxploitation"; She has proven herself over and over again in films such as COFFEY, FRIDAY FOSTER, and JACKIE BROWN that Pam Grier is for real. And let us not forget, monster fans, Ms. Grier played Ayesa the Panther Woman, in THE TWILIGHT PEOPLE!

Now, Constance White, former editor of Essence magazine and the author of the new book, "How to Slay: Inspirations from the Queens and Kings of Black Style", singles out a handful of the most notable black style "influencers", and details how each has made an impact on what we wear. Pam Grier -- not surprisingly -- is one of them.

Called by White as "The Bodacious Natural Babe", she goes on to say that Grier was "one of the biggest stars of the blaxploitation film genre that helped define the '70s. North Carolina born, Grier exuded a new kind of on-screen appeal, one rooted in natural beauty and down-to-earth pieces like denim cut-offs, button-up shirts and hoop earrings. As the titular character in FOXY BROWN and COFFEY, Ms. Grier inspired a new generation of women to bare their midriffs and cultivate lush afros. Those halter tops may feel too brazen today, but Pam Grier's sass and confidence are still just right" (source: The Wall Street Journal).

MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD couldn't agree more. Consider this the MMW contribution to Black History Month!

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