Sunday, January 14, 2018


The second (and final) volume of the MARVEL MONSTERBUS books is another giant tome that collects the work of scripters Stan Lee, his brother, Larry Lieber, and illustrator Jack "King" Kirby. The two volumes together weigh in at a hefty 10 pounds! The comics that these stories appeared in were published before the great superhero renaissance that began with the first issue of the legendary Lee/Kirby collaboration, FANTASTIC FOUR, published by Marvel Comics in 1961.

Lee and Kirby went on to a career of comic book greatness that remains popular today. The late Jack Kirby has been rightly crowned the "King of Comics", as he churned out thousands of pages of art work and became known for his dramatic use of foreshortening which added a dynamic touch to the comic panel.

Kirby's work on the Marvel Atlas "monster" titles, such as STRANGE TALES, JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY, TALES OF SUSPENSE and TALES TO ASTONISH shows his artistic evolution that burst into full bloom with the advent of the so-called "Marvel Age" of comics. The examples below are typical of the unbounded imagination that he put to each sheet of illustration board for decades.

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