Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Author and fellow Monster Kid Mark Voger sent these images to the Mysterious Mansion of the Topstone Caveman mask in action on vintage, mid-50s television! The screencaps are from an episode of Jackie Gleason's THE HONEYMOONERS. Entitled, "Unconventional Behavior", it aired on 12 May 1956. I'll let Mark explain the rest:

"In the episode, Ralph (Jackie Gleason) buys a bagful of novelties for the upcoming Raccoon Lodge convention in Minneapolis, including two masks that appear to be Topstone jobs: a Frankenstein and a caveman. But the joke's on Ralph when later, his buddy Ed (Art Carney) frightens him on the train wearing the caveman mask."

Thanks oodles to Mr. Voger. In case you've languished in the castle dungeon for too long and missed it, Voger is the author of the excellent Rondo-award winning book of growing up loving monsters, MONSTER MASH (now in its 2nd printing!), and GROOVY, a nostalgic look at the hippie culture, both available from TwoMorrows publishing. Click on the image on the sidebar to the left of this post to shop.

Thanks again, Mark!

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