Sunday, November 10, 2013


For a few issues now, the newly-resurrected UK horror film magazine, THE DARK SIDE, has been quietly being published abroad. So far, I have not seen any indication of its distribution here in the States. It is hoped that this is remedied soon. Information about ordering print or electronic versions of the magazine can be found by clicking on the cover image on the sidebar to the right of this blogroll.

Here is a lineup of the latest issue:

Issue 156: The X Factor

We continue our look at classic UK cinema horror double bills and speak exclusively with the legendary Me Me Lai

Shock Starters!

Harper’s Bizarre

Jessica Harper screamed her way into horror history with Dario Argento’s immortal Suspiria. We catch up with her for a revealing retrospective.

Double Helpings of Horror

Denis Meikle grabs his Kia-ora and looks back on the heady days of the ‘ X’ certificate double feature.

The Book of Eli

Eli Roth is back with a triple whammy of terror: Aftershock, The Green Inferno and The Last Exorcist 2. Calum Waddell finds out more.

Tigon Terrors 2

John Hamilton concludes his epic history of one of Britain’s most famous horror studios with a look at Blood On Satan’s Claw.

Monster Main Course

Me Me: Cannibal Queen

Calum Waddell discovers that Italian cannibal favourite Me Me Lai actually made it back from the jungle in one piece and is alive, well and residing in England!

The Mighty Bouchet

John Martin interviewing Barbara Bouchet? Goodness gracious, what can we have been thinking of. Oh well, his case comes up next week.

Back to Black

The legendary Karen Black passed on earlier this year, but we have one of her final interviews, published here as a tribute to this very fine actress.

The Monstrous Mr Bean

Sawney, Flesh of Man tells the story of Scotland’s most notorious cannibal family. Mick Lewis meets the film’s star, David Hayman, and its director, Ricky Wood


Post Mortem

Readers rant or rave and we reply, it’s as simple as that. What was that forgotten horror movie called? Write in and we might be able to help you.

DVD Library

James Kloda and Allan Bryce get together to review the very latest horror releases on DVD and Blu-ray.

Melton’s Meltdown

For Rick Melton failure is not an option – it comes bundled with the software. Still, at least our resident artistic genius has the body of a God: Buddha.

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