Friday, May 17, 2013


Yesterday, I posted "The Top 100 Most Valuable Magazines" list from the NOSTOMANIA collector's website. Sitting alone at the top is Pete Miller's DRAG CARTOONS #27 from May 1966. With a cover depicting Adam West as Batman and Burt Ward as Robin with the George Barris Batmobile, and a newsstand price of just 35 cents, the magazine is now apparently worth more. A lot more. Like almost 130K more. At $129,000, DRAG CARTOONS #27 is currently the "most valuable" magazine on the planet. It's value has increase over 38% in the last year. Granted, this price is for high grade copies in the "slabbed" condition so coveted by high-end collector's, but still . . .

Another consistent top-scorer is FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND #4 with the regional "ghoul's eye" sticker. However, it has recently dropped from the #2 spot to #6 with a reduction in value of almost 50% over the last year. At a price of $13,800, I think I'll wait a little while longer.

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