Monday, May 20, 2013


I'll wager it never occurred to most every Monster Kid during the vintage years of the Monster Craze to include in their monster trading card trove one of the boxes that the cards were sold out of. I know that even when I saved enough money for a box of Leaf's Spook Stories cards (1961), after tearing open all 24 packs I summarily crunched up the box and tossed it.

Now, these very same boxes are collector's items (go figure). Currently for sale for $100 on eBay is one of the Leaf Spook Stories boxes, albeit in a rather rescued looking condition. Still, there can't be too many of them left around.

A later series of cards (1974) featured the fantastic sci-fi fantasy film PLANET OF THE APES. Here is an example of a box from that series in better condition. It is currently up for auction and the bidding has reached $87.50.

To "box things up" as it were, this last example is for collectors with serious green only. Offered is a collection of 24 unopened and "unpopped" packs of Spook Stories cards (apparently the QC on this line wasn't so good so many pack seals "popped"), all slabbed and in EX condition, together with the box that they came in. This declared uber-rarity was originally sold at $48,000 (!). But, lucky for us, it's now half-off at 24 grand.

A high-grade slabbed unopened pack of Spook Stories cards.

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