Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Author and marketeer extraordinaire Scott Essman has sent along notice of an "unprecedented" speaker panel at the upcomiong Annual Screenwriting Conference in Burbank, CA. After Monsterpalooza it's a wonder there's anything left standing at the Marriott Burbank Hotel!

"On June 1 at 11AM at the Marriott Burbank Hotel and Convention Center, witness an unprecedented guest speaker panel at the 10th Annual Great American Pitchfest and Screenwriting Conference as writers Michael FX Daley, Peter Filardi, Mick Garris, Tom Holland, Ed Neumeier and Mark Verheiden join to discuss the inception and creation of the top science-fiction and horror films of the past 30 years.

While each man has created remarkable genre works of his own, never before has a panel of this magnitude been assembled in one location to discuss the craft of science-fiction/horror screenwriting."

 If you're in town, check it out. I know I would. 

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