Friday, May 10, 2013


No primping or preening required, Miss Welch!

Nobody can fill a bikini like Raquel Welch. Born on September 5, 1940, Jo Raquel Tejada was -- and still is -- one of the world's most recognized sex symbols. Her smokin' good looks are a result of  a mixture of English and Latin blood, as well as a generous dash of God's Gift to Men.

Raquel Welch (she kept the name of her first husband) has the great distinction of being my first serious adolescent crush on a movie actress. I think I bought her famous fur bikini poster before seeing ONE MILLION YEARS B.C., but, after watching the Bolivian Bombshell prancing around in the thing as Loana the Cave Girl, I was hopelessly hooked along with a million or so other guys! Later that same year (1966) saw the release of FANTASTIC VOYAGE, and, besides a role in 1972's BLUEBEARD with Richard Burton, that about covers her work in anything that could be called sci-fi/fantasy/thriller films. That didn't keep this 12-year old Monster Kid with plastering up anything I could find that had Raquel's face (and other obvious attributes) on it alongside my Dracula and King Kong posters. 

The one-and-only famous poster of Raquel in her fur bikini.

Cal Beck thought along similar lines when it came to beautiful women, and ran a short feature on ONE MILLION YEARS B.C. in CASTLE OF FRANKENSTEIN #13 (Spring 1969). The article included a shot of Raquel in s white swimsuit while filming the movie FATHOM that became another famous pin-up poster. Somehow, I managed to find room for it on my wall!

Another well-known shot, this one from SAGA magazine.
A frequently used publicity shot from the 1960s.
No comment needed here.
As close as we'll get to a nude shot of Raquel.
A woman who looks good at any age.
Django, eat your shorts!


Dick said...

Cool Post (and blog) - I love that last one in the cowboy outfit (promo still from Hannie Caulder I guess ?) BTW, great minds think alike I guess :) - I wrote my post yesterday and posted it an hour after yours today.

DRB in Karloffornia said...

I had almost forgotten how AWESOME Raquel Welch looks. Thank you very much for this post!


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