Thursday, December 8, 2011


Just revealed in their latest newsletter are the two (that's all?) covers for the upcoming FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND #260. Accompanying the cover pics was this description of what to expect on the inside:

"It is that time, once again, to peek behind the curtain at what will greet readers on the cover of the next issue. Oscar-winner for WOLFMAN, Dave Elsey, brings us his rendition of one of horror's greatest icons: Christopher Lee. And in the other corner, winner of 2011's Monster Brawl for favorite FM cover-Sanjulian-celebrates 100 years of Edgar Rice Burroughs classics with his cover featuring the Fighting Man of Virginia: John Carter of Mars. Inside we'll look at the life and works of Mr. Burroughs while we anxiously await the release of Disney's JOHN CARTER. We'll journey through the career of Hammer's notorious Dracula, Mr. Lee. Take a trip into the "Heart" of darkness with Edgar Allan Poe as we speak with John Cusack about his upcoming film THE RAVEN. Also, Dave Elsey brings us another Monster Master Class on making your very own Nosferatu, Valentine's Day is coming and we'll show you all the best gifts for your special boils and ghouls, Kevin Burns brings us the epic conclusion of his BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN cover, and more!"

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