Monday, December 19, 2011


From the land of the Gore-Gore Guy, Herschell Gordon Lewis, comes a newly-launched website, specializing in blood, guts, and the other raunchy things that we come to expect from cult movies. Here's the press release just received this morning:

Website Launch Announcement:
All-new themed website devoted to the wild world of cult movies and related media

"CLEARWATER, FL (December 19th, 2011) – Introducing the newest creative venture from the producers of the horror films H.G. Lewis’s The Uh-Oh! Show, Brainjacked, and Filthy: Cult Movie Mania - the website! (

Officially launched December 6th, Cult Movie Mania celebrates the wild world of cult movie culture. From the timeless cult classics (Night of the Living Dead, Eraserhead) - to new blood: (Troma/Astron-6’s Father’s Day, Dear God, No!) - Cult Movie Mania covers it all!

What horrors lurk within the pages of Cult Movie Mania? Some tasteless teasers:
○ The WILDEST REVIEWS on the weird wide web!

○ Sign up for the SHOCK SHEET, Cult Movie Mania's official e-NEWSLETTER!

○ Seeking sultry succubi? Turn-on to Cult Movie Mania's SLAYMATE OF THE MONTH!

○ Want to know your future frights? Check in for your weekly HORRORSCOPE!

○ In-depth and outrageous INTERVIEWS with your favorite cult movie personalities!

○ Looking for a new haunt? Check out our exclusive FAN EVENT CALENDAR for cult/horror happenings in your part of the severed neck of the woods!

○ Got a LUST for GUTS? Then check out our weekly GORIEST MINUTE feature and lose your cookies! Coming soon!

○ Late-breaking horror news in THE DEAD BEAT!

○ Our eerie opinions and Oddservations in the FEARSOME FEATURE!


In coming months, Cult Movie Mania will continue to bring you interviews with cult filmdom’s most noted and notorious filmmakers and artists: William Grefé (Stanley, Impulse, The Hooked Generation), Frank Henenlotter (Basket Case, Bad Biology) and more! And don’t miss the web’s nutso movie reviewer Bart Boyle (psychotically portrayed by Joel D. Wynkoop)!

Horror, sci-fi, fantasy, art-house, exploitation, midnight movies, biker films, experimental,’ll find it in the digital crypts of Cult Movie Mania. Fans are encouraged to get involved by posting their thoughts and opinions on Cult Movie Mania’s interactive Facebook page:

Cult Movie Mania is your cure-all antidote to big budget blockbusters, endless sequels/remakes, and CGI spectacles. Our mission is clear: we inform and educate about the world of cult cinema in an outrageous, entertaining way and strive to bring cult and exploitation culture back in the forefront of modern day cinema. As lifelong students of the fantastic genres and as filmmakers, we bring a wealth of real-life experiences and knowledge to the table, which bleeds into every word and image you will discover when you visit Cult Movie Mania."

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